Sales Made Easy
- How to sell without being salesy
-Online course-

This online course covers sale basics for business owners-

  • Module 1: research leads, your ideal customer

  • Module 2: networking and cold calls, understanding CRM

  • Module 3: closing a sale, dealing with no's, maybe's, not yets... and rejections!

Workbook included to create your own sales plan. 

Sales Consultancy

We can help you with-

  • Research to find your first leads

  • Grow your existing list

  • Make sales calls on your behalf 

  • Help with sales copy and how to engage with your customers

  • Create a simple sales strategy

  • Create blog content and advise on blog copy topics  

Sales Workshops

Does your team require sales upskilling? 

We hold bespoke sales training workshops via zoom or in person

contact us on link below
Alternatively, join our mailing list to hear of any updates or group sales training workshops being held in the future. 

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