• Yuki Solle

5 Tips to Grow Confidence in telesales in your business.

​I love the ways seasons change especially as we get ready for the Christmas season.

It’s a great time to reflect on this past year and start thinking of the next!

Back at Cultivate quarters, I was reflecting on how far I’ve come, from a confidence point of view I used to be afraid of phones. Even as a teenager in a part time job, when the phone rang, I used to be busy doing something else and hoped that others in the business would pick it up.

Speaking to an unknown person is daunting and the fear of what others think tends to make things worse. I’ve put together 5 little tips to help get over that initial fear of telesales for your business and I promise, the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ really does apply here!

  1. Do your research, find out who you would like to speak to and the purpose of your call-

           Ask yourself – what would you like help with on this call?

  1. Pick the right time of day according to your market, again research well and you will have a better chance of speaking to the right person.

  2. Think positive, if you allow negative self-talk, then negative happens, as the saying goes; as you think, you become. If you are trying to make a positive sales call but have negative self-talk (I’ll get rejected, they won’t have time for me. etc) then this could come through in your call, believe the best outcome.

  3. When you are on the call, smile and introduce yourself as if you were meeting them in real life. Just remember the person on the other end of call has a life just like you do and is only human. Speak to them how you would like to be spoken to and be courteous and kind, as one has no idea what kind of day they are having.

  4. If the person you are speaking to is short of time then do ask when is the best time to call back. If folk say they are not interested then a no is a no. Always respect that.

There you have it. I used the word ‘grow’ as confidence is grown. Sales is growing relationships. Practice will be your best friend one day. Happy Selling!

Yuki X

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