• Yuki Solle

My Why?

Welcome to Cultivate Sales. This sales journey of mine began a long time ago. I was always interested in business. The mechanics of business. Even as a Fashion student I loved reading the success stories of how designers started out. How Paul Smith’s business model of creating a fashion range in the week and only opening on Saturday as a day to uncover his masterpieces with queues outside. Starting out is a big achievement. Dreams take time, money, sweat, late nights and sometimes tears. The key is to start.

The reason why I started Cultivated Sales is because I used to be very shy, to the point my fashion tutor said I was in the wrong industry. I was creative, but shy. Fast forward many years having worked within the hospitality industry (food is another passion) and selling in arts, my life transformed, talking to folk day in and out sharing incredible stories. It’s one of the biggest highs for me working in these industries. I increased in confidence speaking to all kinds of lovely people. It really is a case of if I can sell, then anyone can. I wrote this course for folks starting up in business to encourage and as an affirmation that sales do not need to be daunting, but fun and engaging. Even for shy people.

Till my next blog!

Yuki x

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