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Hi I’m Yuki, Founder of Cultivate Sales.

Having studied for a fashion degree, I have always been creative, but shy.

It wasn’t till I worked in hospitality, that my confidence grew as I had met people from all walks of life & cultures. And this world changed me. I worked in Heathrow airport, in London, and I slowly grew more confident and loved connecting with people. Selling is often about confidence. In yourself, in your service, in your product.

It was when I took a sales job selling art in the retail industry (pure phone work) that I realized I loved connecting potential businesses with well-matched products. When I finally sold face to face at trade shows, that’s when I realized selling is something I have always done naturally.

For me, making sales is all about relationships, about spreading the word in the world with what you have to offer. I believe sales confidence can certainly be built by understanding our prospective customers, researching well, using clear communication with effective ​rapport building.

I hope this inspires you to find clarity and confidence with creativity to grow your sales and enjoy your business!


Yuki x

Business Team

Shona, Marketing Consultant 

Yuki gave a talk to my networking group, Self Employed Club today. She was amazing! The talk was about how to sell, designed for small business owners that might be frightened that they were coming across as too salesy with their clients. Yuki had so many tips and ideas that people could try to overcome their fears and connect with their clients in a genuine and human way. So much value within a 30-minute talk, I'd highly recommend Yuki as a speaker for any event on sales, she is clearly an expert. Thank you again, Yuki! 

Shona Chambers Marketing

Samantha Jane Slater

Yuki is fab! her down to earth, real way of talking on the subject of sales takes the icky out of the process.

Samantha, time & money coach

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