A little bit about me - Yuki

Hi I’m Yuki, Founder of Cultivate Sales.

Having studied for a fashion degree, I have always been creative, but shy.

It wasn’t till I worked in hospitality, that my confidence grew as I had met people from all walks of life & cultures. And this world changed me. I worked in Heathrow airport, in London, and I slowly grew more confident and loved connecting with people. Selling is often about confidence. In yourself, in your service, in your product.

It was when I took a sales job selling art in the retail industry (pure phone work) that I realized I loved connecting potential businesses with well-matched products. When I finally sold face to face at trade shows, that’s when I realized selling is something I have always done naturally.

For me, making sales is all about relationships, about spreading the word in the world with what you have to offer. I believe sales confidence can certainly be built by understanding our prospective customers, researching well, using clear communication with effective ​rapport building.

I hope this inspires you to find clarity and confidence with creativity to grow your sales and enjoy your business!


Yuki x

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